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For more information on classes, trips, and photography schedules and costs - E-Mail Peggy Goldberg at pgoldberg@goldenimages- or talk to her in person at 352.591.1508.

Angelfish in 3-D

Photography Classes
Photography classes are geared from the beginner photographer to the professional.  We will work with anything from the point-and-shoot to the SLR. Classes are mostly private, with one-on-one attention. Classes are designed to suit the needs of the photographer, so one may take the class as seminars that focus on individual problems or start from the beginning.

  • Underwater Photography - We work on good buoyancy skills, different types of cameras, digital workflow, composition, technique, strobe lighting, macro, wide angle photography, marine life behavior and ecology. Can issue a PADI Photography specialty card.
  • Nature/Wildlife Photography - We will work on learning your camera's capabilities, lenses, flash fill, composition, technique, filters and digital workflow. Learn about wildlife behaviors, habitats.

After almost 25 years of teaching both PADI and HSA, I retired from actively teaching SCUBA classes and became an emeritus or alumni instructor.

I will continue teaching photography classes, one of my passions.

Teaching SCUBA has been one of the most fulfilling activities I have ever done.

Scuba And CPR Classes
Scuba classes are structured according to PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and the Handicapped Scuba Association (HSA) rules and regulations. The classes range from open water to assistant instructor. I also offer speciality classes -including photography and videography - so one can attain a Master Diver rating. I can do Referrals from any agency - do any knowledge development, confined water skills at home, and do your certification dives here.

  • Open Water Referrals from any agency -Do your Open Water checkout dives in North Central Florida! Takes 2 days to do your 4 scuba dives and 1 free dive. A signed medical form, passport photo and referral from your instructor are all you need.
  • Handicapped Scuba (HSA) and PADI Open Water classes - All you need to bring is your own mask, fins and snorkel. All equipment, materials included in the class. Classes are held to student"s schedule - takes about 5 full days - not necessarily concurrent. Can be held evenings, weekends and week days.
  • Advanced Open Water - Takes 2.5 days. Must take navigation, deep diving. Tailor the class to your, search and rescue, boat, drift, marine ID, night, etc.
  • CPR / First Aid / Automated External Defibrillator / O 2 Administration - through EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONSE - must have CPR to complete Rescue and Divemaster classes. This can be an independent home-study course - come to class to practice skills. You may take all or any part of the course. CPR and First Aid is a 3 hour class. This class is open to everyone! - even non-divers.
  • Rescue - 10 -15 hours academic work, 15 hours of water work over 2 days. Must have completed a CPR class or an Emergency First Response class within the last 2 years.
  • Divemaster - Class takes more than 50 hours - 20 of academic, more than 30 hours open water work. Students are encouraged to also assist in open water, pool sessions, and audit classrooms. Class could be done in 3 full weekends (Fri - Sun)
  • Deep Diver - 8 hours academic sessions, 3 dives over 2 days
  • Night Diver - 3 hours academic sessions, 3 dives over 2 days
  • Underwater Naturalist - 6 hours academic, 2 dives
  • Underwater Videographer - 4 hours academic, post dive editing, 3-4 dives over 2 days
**   No minimum number of students needed to start a class - I do need one, however!!!  Will only accept a maximum of four people for Open Water, and four people for Advanced Open Water.  **

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